CH.Redkings Repeat Sequence - Orange Girl - Lexus
Breeder/Owner Nancy E. King
Born on August 7th, 2007
Repeat Orange Girl 8 weeks
Continued on page 3
Continued on page 3
Redkings Repeat Sequence(Lexus)
Redkings Repeat Sequence(Lexus) in 6-9 Sweepstakes 2008 ISCA Nationals
Redkings Repeat Sequence(Lexus) in regular 6-9 class 2008 ISCA Nationals
Lexus floating around the ring showing off her beautiful movement and excellent reach and drive  at her
first show in Scottsdale Arizona at the 2008 ISCA Nationals and ISCArizona Specialty where she placed
2nd in  Puppy 6-9 months. She is 8 months old in this photo. I predict a bright future for this youngster!