Redking Irish Setter Support Team      
                    King Family
Grandaughter Kaitlyn  (age 10)- Cheerleader Kaity showed
my Scarlett in a UKC Junior Handling class at age four! She
put Scarlett in stack that would make a Pro Handler blush!
Granddaughter Maki - Cheerleader
My Dad and Barbara Beasley Summer of 2007
 Halloween 2006
Kaity, Maki, and Dusty
     Cool Cats!
Janet King Pellerin and grand kids
Tabatha, Trey, and Tanner
Tabatha Pellerin Class of 2007
T Pellerin PFC 2007
Lance Corporal Janet King(Pellerin) - Marine
Tanner Pellerin 2007
Trey Pellerin 2007
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Continued on page 4